Monday, June 24, 2013

Hangers Away

A problem that I run into being a petite person, is that hangers often bend the shoulders of my clothing out of shape. I have resorted to using children's hangers from stores like Kid R' Us that were still hanging around my house. I am now on a quest for stylish, space saving hangers that will not destroy my clothing!

Current Hangers
I currently have a variety of hangers in my closet. I removed all the wire hangers years ago and purchased some colorful new ones because at the time it seemed like a good idea. Now I have been sticking to white plastic hangers because they are always available. I tend to buy hangers at Target because they are reasonable, especially during dorm shopping season. They often have deals on large quantity packs which I need for all my clothes. I have a few different types, the Multipurpose hangers which work well for tank-tops and sleeveless dresses, Heavyweight standard hangers without indents which I use for tops that have wide necks or are made of sturdier fabrics that will not stretch out, and Attachable hangers which have indents like the multipurpose hangers but also have a hook where the hanger hook meets the base of the hanger allowing the hangers to hang from each other saving closet space. I do like the hangers that I have currently but they are a bit bulky and they do not work for my smaller and more delicate tops. I also want to be able to replace the clear plastic and children's hangers that I have taken home free from stores in the past.
On the Top Left: Multipurpose
Top Right:Attachable 

Bottom Left: Heavyweight
Bottom Right: Plastic Hangers

New Options
It seems that the consensus on the internet is that Huggable Hangers are the best  if you want to use all uniform hangers to organize your closet. Retailers and magazine editors alike boast that they save space because of their thin design, are strong enough for heavy items, and that clothing will not fall off of the velvet base. I decided to investigate further.
After reading up more on the product on the HSN website, I found that many of the reviews said that some hangers arrive broken or that the metal hook detaches from the hanger easily. Some people also mentioned that they wished that they could purchase more regular size hangers in a set because the large hangers are too large for many of their clothing items. Others also mentioned that the hangers do not work well for knits which leads me to believe that they would be too large for the clothing items I am most worried about. I also found the hangers on the Target website at a higher price for smaller sets. While I will not purchase them from Target, I may try to get a better feel for these hangers in one of their stores to make a final judgment before ordering any from a different website.

I also found the Chrome 6-Tier Multiple Blouse Hanger from Bed Bath and Beyond. This seems like it may be a good, stylish solution to supplement a collection of larger hangers with chrome hooks but I could not find measurements on the website. I think I will also pay a visit to Bed Bath and Beyond on my trip to Target. At least they are in the same plaza!

I will update when I find hanger solutions and with more of my adventures in organizing soon. In the meantime if anyone has any suggestions please leave a comment!

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