Sunday, June 23, 2013

I am typing this post to the sound of a lovely summer thunderstorm. I love the sound of pouring rain and often use as background while I am doing homework or if I cannot sleep. I am feeling a bit unorganized lately between working my summer job and typing up articles and essays so I have been slacking on starting up my blog. I have tons of posts drafted, I just have yet to actually execute them. Despite this, I now have a direction and idea of what I want my blog to be. After starting this post and feeling the need to draft many others I have realized I want this blog to focus on my inspirations, from fashion, DIY, and organizing, to anything and everything that speaks to me. I realize the people who inspire me most are the people who surround me, friends and family. I want to try to feature all of them here. I am very amateur in my photography so you will have to bear with me as I learn but I think that it will at least be a good read!

Room Organizing Update:
Last time I posted, I had gone through most of my clothing and accessories and was just working on organizing them. Since then, my mom has also been going through her wardrobe and I now have added    sweaters, belts, shoes and purses to my collection that have thrown off everything. My wonderful bf also bought me a beautiful pair of neutral pumps at Marshall's so I currently have no space left on my shoe rack and lots of new pairs of shoes. I am at the point now where I either need to get rid of more items to make room for the new, or rethink my whole closet and storage set up. Decisions, decisions!
To the right is my current shoe set up which spills over into my closet, some of which you can see. Again I apologize for the photos. I know they are awful but I did not want to post without any images.

On left: Vintage velvet heels from mom.  On right: Neutral pumps from the bf.

Also, so many belts in my collection now that I have snagged most of my mom's old high-waisted accessories. Hopefully I will figure out some solutions and update (with better photos, sorry again!)

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  1. your shoes are all gorgeous! and so well organized!