Friday, June 7, 2013

Late Night Project

My room organizing has been on pause for a few days as I have messed up my sleep schedule and and I can't make too much noise with everyone else asleep. I decided to continue working on this Peter Pan collar that I cut from felt and started beading last summer because beading doesn't make very much noise : /
Here is the progress I have made so far!

 While sitting on my bed calmly doing needlework, I thought of Game of Thrones which I have been reading on and off. They have not even made it to King's Landing yet in Book I so I don't know if this will remain accurate but at this point Sansa is a sasspants and Arya seems to be the Stark sister the reader is supposed to be rooting for. Her sword, needle, is named as a sort of joke making fun of her loathing of needlepoint. She would rather play outside or learn to fight with a sword than cross stitch. I guess what bothers me about this is that the idea of sewing is given negative connotations.
In reality, it would take Sansa just as much effort to learn to sew as Arya learning swordplay. I personally have never been very good at sports and I guess that would also translate to sword fighting if I lived at that time. I ran around when I was young and rarely had legs without scrapes and bruises but I now enjoy sewing as well. While it is just a story, I have seen this pattern in so many books I have read growing up and I think it is important not to give a bad name to things like crafting and sewing. It doesn't matter if you are male or female, just do what makes you happy!
I will cease my late night ranting and end with more on the collar. This is one of the first beading projects I have ever taken on myself and it is full of mistakes. While it is not perfect, I have learned a lot from this collar that I hope to use for future projects. After I finish beading, I will probably attach a hook and eye to the front and sew pink ribbon to the back so that the length will be adjustable for wearing over different shirts and dresses.
I will post more photos soon of the hopefully finished collar and more organizing!

Finished beading, here is a crappy cell pic of how the pieces look!